About Beacon

Beacon is an award-winning hip-hop artist.

He has landed multiple songs on the Billboard Top 30 Radio Charts. He's performed alongside Grammy-winning artists

He travels the United States sharing his music and his "LOVE HATERS" school assembly message.

In his school assemblies, utilizes the medium of hip-hop that is both POPULAR and POWERFUL. Every song is packed with lyrics which can influence the thoughts, emotions, and even actions of the students.

As a hip-hop artist and speaker, Beacon sees this as an incredible opportunity to make a positive impact. When hip-hop is brought into a school assembly, there is an immediate connection for many young people. They can relate and, in turn, they listen.



Beacon pulls the kids in with his music, then mixes it up with speaking. It is a great way to keep them engaged and interested. He had a great message and presented it in a way that was well received!

About Beacon's Message

In school assemblies, Beacon tackles the issue of bullying in a way that is real and relatable to students.

Love your haters," says Beacon. 

"Everyone will have people in their life who offend or hurt them. But each of us has a choice.

Are we going to respond to our haters in a negative way? Or will we respond with love regardless of our emotions?”

Beacon encourages and challenges students to respond to hate with love. Doing so changes our haters, changes us and changes the world for the better.