About Attaboy

Attaboy is a band with a positive message for your students.

By uniquely combining an energetic and fun musical performance with a powerful spoken message, the band is impacting students like yours with a fresh new voice.

Administrators agree. In fact, 98% of schools that hosted Attaboy said the band’s presentation was better than other assemblies they’ve had in the past.

Attaboy is NOT a group that just recounts stories of past mistakes, hoping to scare your students into making positive choices. Rather, the band shares personal experiences of taking a stand for what is right and encourages your students to make their own decisions.

Students everywhere are saying that a school assembly with Attaboy is one of the most engaging and relatable assemblies they have attended.

It’s easy to understand why.


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…by far the best assembly I have seen in my 33 years of education.

Attaboy's Message

Attaboy’s school assembly is all about CHOICES. The band encourages students to make decisions for themselves, and they share personal experiences of benefiting from making positive choices.

Other topics include:
-not judging others
-understanding your true value regardless of what others think
-making decisions for yourself
-not letting your past define your future

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